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web-based-proxy-girlWeb-based proxy, some times called web proxy, usually refers to a type of proxy service through web servers. A client connects to the service provider’s website (proxy server), then type the web address he/she wants to browse. The proxy server fetches the contents, and passes them to the client.

By using web-based proxy, the client may access sites blocked by their local ISP or parents. For example, social networking sites, e.g., myspace and facebook, were blocked in some US and UK schools. The pupils may use web-based proxy to bypass the blocking and access these sites.

Similarly, in some countries, the internet is censored for various purposes. Some users in these countries may also use web proxy to access the blocked sites.

Some users use web proxy for privacy considerations, and they do not want to disclose their IP info to such untrusted sites. In this case, their info will very likely only be recorded in the proxy server.

Web-based proxy usually is powered by a few proxy scrips, including CGIProxy, PHProxy, Glype, Zelune and Surrogafier.

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