How to get the latest web proxy if web proxy list sites are blocked?


It seems some filtering software now also blocks web proxy list sites. So, this may give you some troubles in getting the latest web proxy. For example, a few users reported recently they cannot access the most active web proxy … Continue reading

Top 5 Adsense rules for free web proxy webmasters


It is important to go through the guidelines of Adsense before you place ads on your site. Most free web proxy webmasters may just skip the reading. If you do not follow the rules set by Google, the consequence can be severe: your account is terminated and you are banned from Adsense.

It does not need a rocket scientist to understand the Adsense guidelines, but sometimes some webmasters may get confused, and interpret them wrongly.

So, I summarize the common mistakes made by free web proxy webmasters on Google Adsense placement. You need follow these five rules to keep your Adsense account safe. Continue reading

Will you worry about the privacy issue of Silk browser?


The $199 price tag of Kindle Fire is really irresistible. Of course, Amazon need earn money. Some analysts say Amazon will earn back the profit margin in contents. This is absolutely true. But the overlooked (potentially) big earning machine of this cheap tablet is users’ browsing data handled by the built-in Silk browser. Continue reading

Comparison of Web Proxy Scripts


For web proxy webmasters, the first thing is to choose a proper proxy script. In this articles, 5 of the most popular web proxy scripts are compared. This is your definite guide for you on choosing a web proxy script.

I received some inquiries periodically on choosing a proxy script to start a web proxy site. So, I decided to post my opinions here.

It is always a tough question, when “the best” is involved. However, for a web proxy site, the candidates are quite limited. For simplicity and legal reasons, I will limit my discussion on free scripts only. The possible options usually include: CGIProxy, Glype, PHProxy, Surrogafier and Zelune. Continue reading