phproxy-proxy-girlPHProxy (PHP proxy script) was a very popular proxy script before the author,Abdullah Arif, discontinued the project and relinquish all rights (as well as responsibilities) on September 7, 2007. The script is very similar to CGIProxy script. Actually the author also mentioned that the project was inspired by CGIProxy project. However, because PHProxy was written in PHP, compared with CGIProxy, PHProxy is generally easier to install for most webmasters.

The last release (version 0.5b2) of this script was on January 27, 2007 under GPL license. The script is available for download in sourceforge.

A copy of the last version (0.52b2) can also be found on TheProxyGuide (click to download). A demo of PHProxy script is available at:

Usually PHProxy does not need complicate templates and most webmasters just change the color schemes. A typical proxy sites powered by PHProxy is, which uses the default template with slight modifications. Once of the largest collection of PHProxy (PHP proxy ) script powered websites can be found at:UnRestrictedSurf.

Tutorials on PHProxy:

1. How to install PHProxy (  )

2. PHProxy (PHP proxy) tips and tricks: insert ad code and customization


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